Dublin buses

Areas served and route maps

  • Buses serve all areas of Central Dublin, and many suburbs in the Greater Dublin Area too.

  • The best way to plan a journey by bus is by using Transport for Ireland’s journey planner or the Moovit service. Both tools allow you to enter a start point and end point for your journey and will then provide you with a map of the route for your journey along with operator and departure information.

  • Dublin Bus also provides an interactive map highlighting their core (most-frequent) routes - you can access this here. Tip: use the tabs provided at the top of the map to switch between city centre stops, a destination finder, and an overview of routes.


  • Dublin Bus is the main provider of short to medium distance bus journeys within the capital.

  • Bus Eireann provides bus services catering for longer journeys within the Dublin area. You can view Bus Eireann’s Dublin area services here.

  • Some short-distance routes (previously operated by Dublin Bus) have been recently privatised and are provided by a company called Go-Ahead. A few other private operators provide bus services too (many of these serve Dublin Airport — see our Dublin airport bus page for details).

Hours of operation

Hours of operation vary by route, but depending on your stop, you can usually catch buses as early as 5am and as late as 12am. Check timetables to see first and last bus times for your stop.


  • Frequency of buses varies by route and time of day — however, on core routes you can usually expect buses every 5-15 minutes during rush hour (7am to 9am and 5pm-7pm).

  • There can be gaps in schedules however, so we always recommend consulting a route planner or timetables before travelling on Dublin bus services.

Timetables and travel alerts

  • You can view timetables for particular routes on the Dublin Bus website. However, these do not always provide precise information for every stop, so many passengers might find it more useful to use a journey planner instead. Please see our Dublin route planner section for more information on how to do this.

  • Real-time travel information is provided on screens at many bus stops in Central Dublin. It is also provided online - please see our travel alerts section for more information.

Wheelchair access on Dublin buses

Dublin buses are low-floor and wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, Dublin Bus runs a travel assistance scheme to help those with a mobility impairment to travel around Dublin using either bus, train or trams. An assistant can accompany you the first few times you travel and give you advice on planning a journey using Dublin bus, the DART or the Luas.

The Travel Assistance Scheme is free and is for people aged 18 or over. You can use it Monday to Friday between 08:00hrs and 18:00hrs. To find out more, phone (01) 703 3204 or email customercomment@dublinbus.ie.

Go-Ahead’s buses are wheelchair accessible too. If you require mobility assistance, please contact the company on 1850 80 40 71 or email customercomment@goaheadireland.ie.

Tickets and fares for Dublin bus services

  • You can pay for tickets on Dublin buses using either cash, or a smartcard called a ‘Leap Card.’

  • Paying via ‘Leap Card’ is cheapest. You can buy one online from the Leap Card website or from a variety of outlets in Dublin. You can top up a Leap Card with credit as necessary, and benefit from up to 24% savings on public transport in Dublin.

  • If you want to pay by cash on Dublin buses, you should ideally provide the exact fare — no change is provided.

  • If you are visiting Dublin for a few days you might wish to consider using a Visitor Leap Card, which allows you to travel for 1, 3 or 7 days for set prices. More information about this option is available in our ‘Buying tickets’ section.

  • On normal buses, fares range from €1.50 (for three stops, paid via a Leap Card) up to €3.30 (for travelling over 13 stops, paid via cash).

  • Fares for ‘Xpresso’ buses (express buses) are higher, with a flat fare of €2.90 (Leap Card) or €3.65 (cash).

The ‘Buying tickets’ section of our website contains more information about travel costs on public transport in Dublin, along with an overview of how the various travel zones work.

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Dublin bus map thumbnail

Dublin bus map - frequent routes

View a map of the most frequent Dublin bus routes.