Dublin trams (Luas)

Dublin’s tram network is called ‘Luas’ (the Irish for ‘speed’). There are two lines, Green and Red, which serve many areas of Central Dublin and some residential areas (mainly in the south and southwest of the city). Our Dublin rail map shows you the routes.

The two tram lines intersect at various locations with Dublin’s DART and Commuter train services and airport bus services. Below you’ll find information about tram routes, hours of operation, frequency, wheelchair accessibility and more.

Areas served / route map

The Green Line runs from Broombridge in North Dublin down to Bride’s Glen in the south, via Central Dublin. The Red Line runs from The Point or Connolly Station in Central Dublin to Saggart or Tallaght in southwest Dublin.

Our Dublin rail map provides an overview of both these Luas routes, along with interchanges with other public transport services in Dublin.

Hours of operation

First and last tram times vary by stop, so the below should be viewed as a guide only. For stop-specific information, please use a journey planner in advance of travel.

  • Monday-Friday: you can catch trams from around 5.30am in the morning until around 12.30am at night.

  • Saturday: you can catch trams from around 6.30am until 12.30am at night.

  • Sundays: you can catch trams from around 7.30am until 12pm at night.


  • Services run at regular intervals. You can usually expect trams every 4-6 minutes during rush hour (7am-10am and 4pm-7pm), and roughly every 10 minutes outside of these times.

  • Some late services (11pm on) may involve a slightly longer wait, so if travelling late at night, you may wish to consult a timetable beforehand.

Timetables and real-time travel information

  • To access Luas timetables and real-time travel information about Dublin rail, please see our timetables section.

  • Real-time travel information is provided on screens at every Luas stop. Additionally, you can view it online or use a mobile app to access it - please see our Dublin travel alerts section for more information.

Tickets and fares for Dublin tram services

  • Tickets for Dublin trams can be purchased at each stop, using the ticket machine provided.

  • Alternatively you can make use of a smartcard ticket called a ‘Leap Card’, which provides you with up to 24% discount on travel and can be topped up as necessary with credit. You can buy a Leap Card online from the Leap Card website or from a variety of outlets in Dublin.

  • The tram network is divided into several zones. How much your journey costs depends on how many zones you are travelling through — fares range from €2.10 for one zone up to €3.30 for 8 zones. You can use the Luas fare calculator to work out the cost of your journey and the best sort of ticket to buy.

  • If you are visiting Dublin you might wish to consider using a Visitor Leap Card, which allows you to travel for 1, 3 or 7 days for set prices. More information about this option is available on the Leap Card website.

  • For more information about tickets and zones for public transport in Dublin, please check out our tickets section.

Wheelchair accessibility / step-free access

  • All tram stations provide step-free access to the platforms and trams are wheelchair-accessible.

  • If you have a mobility impairment and would like assistance with your journey, you can call Luas Customer Care on 1850 300 604 or email info@luas.ie. The customer care team can advise you on your travel and arrange a member of staff to accompany you on your journey should you wish.

Bike parking

Only fold-up bikes are permitted on Dublin trams, but if you are using a full-sized bicycle, you can park your bike at many stops. To view which stops facilitate bike parking, please download our Dublin rail map (a bike icon beside a stop indicates that bike parking is available at it).

Car parks

Car parking (‘park and ride’) is available at the following tram stops:

Green Line

  • Balally

  • Carrickmines

  • Sandyford

  • Stillorgan Park

Red Line

  • Cheeverstown Park

  • Red Cow

  • Tallaght

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