About this website

Everything you need to know about public transport in Dublin — in one place

Although there are many valuable sources of information about Dublin’s public transport network, something pretty important has, until now, been missing: a simple, easy-to-use website that provides anyone wishing to travel in Dublin with all the information they need for their journey in one place.

Our new Dublin Public Transport site aims to give users:

  • a clear, concise overview of the travel options available to them

  • a high-quality Dublin rail map which is of a similar standard to those found in capitals such as London, Paris and Berlin

  • easy access to the journey planners and real-time travel information needed for successful journeys in Dublin

  • key information about wheelchair accessibility on public transport in Dublin

  • information about how to take a bike on Dublin’s public transport network

  • independent advice on Dublin public transport related issues.

This website has been produced independently of Dublin’s public transport operators, but using information they make publicly available. The site is owned and operated by ex-Dubliner, now-Londoner Chris Singleton, who runs a digital communications company in London called Style Factory.

Dublin’s public transport network has been expanded and improved significantly over the years; it’s Chris’ hope that this new website will help people use it more easily and successfully.

A new rail map for Dublin

Although there has been something of a rail revival in Dublin in recent years, with a significant expansion of Dublin’s tram network and the the re-opening of commuter rail lines in Dublin, graphic design has failed to keep up! Go to any rail station or tram stop in Dublin and you’ll be struck by the lack of maps highlighting how all the various rail lines integrate with each other. Although route maps for individual services exist, it’s difficult to find a comprehensive, high-quality map of all the rail routes in Dublin.

This contrasts starkly with the abundance of lovingly-designed network maps at stations in London, Paris or Berlin; so a key aim of putting this website together was to make sure it provided a map of Dublin’s rail network which was of a similar standard to the maps found in these European capitals.

With this in mind, Chris Singleton enlisted experienced graphic designer Richard Hart to help him create a new, high-quality rail map for Dublin. The result: a map that shows all rail lines in one place in an easy-to-understand format that wouldn’t be out of place in a major European capital.

A key aim was to include wheelchair accessibility information on the new map — the existing maps are poor in this regard. The new map gives at-a-glance information regarding the suitability of stations for wheelchair users (and other individuals with a mobility impairment). Additionally, the map provides clear information regarding which stations provide bike and car parking — again, something which is not really present on existing maps.

And finally, the map also includes the two Airlink airport bus routes — this helps visitors to Dublin to switch easily from airport buses onto other modes of transport in the capital.

You can view and download the rail map here.

Getting in touch

This site and our new Dublin train map are currently in BETA format — i.e., very the first release, which may contain scope for improvement. If you have any feedback on the quality of this site or the rail map, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can use our contact form to email us here.