Dublin journey planner

To plan a journey through Dublin on public transport, we recommend using one of two online route planners:

The Transport for Ireland planner is provided by the government and is very comprehensive in nature, covering transport not only in Dublin but across all of Ireland. The Moovit planner is a third-party website, but can be slightly easier to use.

TFI Journey planner

Transport for Ireland’s journey planner

Official government travel app.


Moovit journey planner

Journey planning app — non-official, but very easy to use.

Check out our new Dublin rail map

Our new Dublin area train map makes journey planning in Dublin much easier. It outlines all the train and tram lines for the Greater Dublin Area as well as key Dublin Airport bus routes.

Unlike other Dublin train maps you’ll find online, ours highlights which stations provide step-free access, bike parking and car parking.

You can view and download our rail map here.


Dublin rail map

An overview of train and tram routes in Dublin. Includes accessibility information.