Bike rental in Dublin

The Dublin Bikes scheme

If you’d like to rent a bike in Dublin, you can do so easily using the ‘Dublin Bikes’ scheme, which is run by Dublin City Council, sponsored by Just Eat.

This is a self-service bike rental system open to everyone from 14 years of age. It enables you to travel through the city centre, commute between home and work and get out and about in Dublin.


Dublin Bikes stations are distributed throughout Central Dublin. Located very near to each other, every station has a minimum of 15 stands, making it easy to use the service. You can view a full map of the bike stations here.

Key Dublin train stations located near bike stations include:

  • Connolly Station (Bike Station 38, Talbot Street)

  • Pearse Station (Bike Station 32, Pearse Street)

  • Heuston Station (Bike Station 100, Heuston Bridge)

How to rent a Dublin bike

You can rent a bike via the Dublin Bikes scheme by purchasing either

  • a three-day ticket

  • an annual card

Dublin Bikes three-day ticket

The three day ticket costs €5 and gives you unlimited access to Dublin bikes for 3 days. It’s ideal for people who are visiting the city.

You can purchase three-day tickets from Dublin Bikes stations that feature a credit card terminal. A full list of these, and a map, is provide on the Dublin Bikes website.

Your three-day ticket is a card containing an ID which you will need to enter each time you hire a bike (you will also need to select a pin to use with it). You should keep your card with you at all times when using the bikes.

Dublin Bikes annual card

The annual card costs €25 per year, and enables you to use the bikes on an unlimited basis all year round; you can also associate your Leap Card smart ticket with it (allowing you to use your Leap Card to use the service).

Instructions on how to register for an annual card (and associate it with your Leap Card) are available on the Dublin Bikes website.