Dublin public transport travel alerts

There are a few different ways to get travel alerts / real-time journey information for Dublin public transport — you can use a journey planner, get updates direct from the transport operators or use social media. Below you’ll find an overview of your options, along with some specific information for wheelchair users.

Getting travel alerts from Transport for Ireland

To get up to date departure information, we suggest using Transport for Ireland’s journey planner. This is is the official provider of real-time information on the latest departures for all Irish public transport. This is available as a standard website, or you can download it as an app for your smartphone.

Getting updates direct from transport operators

Key operators

All the main Dublin public transport operators provide real-time travel information and alerts on their websites. Just follow the links below for their latest travel alerts:

Other operators

  • Bus Eireann (for longer distance journeys within the Greater Dublin area, including some Airport routes)

  • Go-Ahead — a private company now running some city bus route — don’t yet provide real-time information on their services, but their routes are included on the Transport for Ireland journey planner.

Real-time information for wheelchair users / mobility-impaired passengers

The main real-time information that wheelchair users usually need when travelling in Dublin concerns the operational status of lifts at train stations. You can find this out by going to Irish Rail’s travel information page, searching for the relevant station using the ‘Find Station Information’ search box, and then clicking the ‘Accessibility and Station Access’ link. This will let you know if there are any problems with lifts at that station (along with other information about the wheelchair accessibility of the station).

If you are travelling by public transport in Dublin and have a mobility impairment, it’s worth bearing in mind that the transport operators generally advise you to get in touch with them before travelling so that they can ensure you have a smooth journey. Please see our wheelchair accessibility page for more information on how to do so.

Social media updates from Dublin’s public transport operators

The Transport for Ireland (TFI) agency provides the most comprehensive source of Dublin public transport travel alerts on social media, because it updates followers on all modes of public transport in Dublin. Follow the links below for their Facebook and Twitter pages:

Bus, train and tram news and travel alerts are also available from all the major Dublin transport operators via social media. Follow the links below to access their Facebook and Twitter feeds:

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